Eiha (Anime)
Biographical Info
Kanji エィハ
Romaji Eiha
Classification Bounded One
Gender Female
Status Reincarnated
Affiliation Revolutionary Army
Nil Kamui
Red Dragon Expeditionary Group (Formerly)
Media Info
Anime Debut Episode 1
Voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro
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Eykha (エィハ, Eiha) is Ibuki's Guardian and a Bounded One.

Appearance Edit

She looks like a young human girl with cat ears and pupils. She mostly appears accompanied by Val, her companion.

Personality Edit

Plot Edit

Eykha met Mashiro when she first joined the Revolutionary Army, during which they become friends. She develops strong feelings of loyalty and the feeling of duty which is of protecting Ibuki. The monster she is bound to is Val, who she is able to command at her will. She was sacrificed by Ibuki but was later reborn as last of the dragon shrine maidens. As the red dragon makes a promise with Ibuki to give all Val's remaining life to Eykha. In the end, the red dragon is seen with Eykha with her new form that resembles Val.

Trivia Edit

The Bounded One's song she sung is called: " ディータ・リィヴ " (from Chaos Dragon Sekiryuu Sen’eki OST Soundtrack)