Swallow Cratsvalley
Biographical Info
Kanji スァロゥ・クラツヴァー
Romaji Suarou Kuratsuvuāri
Classification Human
Alias Sir Swallow
Gender Male
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Status Alive
Affiliation Donatia
Black Dragon Knights
Red Dragon Expeditionary Group (Formerly)
Media Info
Anime Debut Episode 1
Voiced by Soma Saito
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Swallow Cratsvalley (スァロゥ・クラツヴァーリ, Suarou Kuratsuvuāri) is one of the Black Dragon Knights. He is one of only thirty of the knights within the Donatian Military, which contain a military force of 300,000, to have recieved the power of Donatia's Guardian Diety, the Black Dragon's mighty power. He is the representative of Donatia in the Red Dragon Expeditionary Group. His personal attendant is Meryl Sherbet who seems to have romantic feeling for him.

== Appearance == E

Personality Edit

Personally, he acts like an idiot or clown for most of the time.

Plot Edit

Abilities Edit

It also seems he suffers from a curse that causes any tools he uses to break just after uses it, though this also allows him to use the tool to it's maximum capability before it break (i.e. Creating a shockwave with a single sword).

Trivia Edit

  • He is designed by Kinoko Nasu.